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We are a Berlin based, exclusive DigitalArtsClub. Of course we like St. Peppers and all the lonely heARTS, but for the start of our trip we developed a “collection” of 500 NFTs — absolutely matchless digital collectibles – not only based in Berlin, but also living with you on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every week we drop 20 pieces – so watch out and have your wallet ready. Many promises were made, we keep.

Namely a membership in possibly the most exclusive BDAC (Berlin Digital Arts Club) – which gives each character an access to our unique and incomprehensible concierge service. Your NFT is at the same time a (rapidly growing in value) pixelized member card (identity) – that allows you to look behind the digital curtain and open real-life doors of BERLIN.

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500 exclusive and handmade ART-tokens

Fairness is not a fairytale. Each APE costs 01. ETH

All rights reserved – for you. Inclusive the commercial usage and all commercial rights on your NFT.

Get access – to the secrets of Berlin. Your NFT is your personal ID.

Consulting & NFT knowledge: We are ready to share with the members.


Not a monkey business. Each of our adorable Wallet-Art characters is fully HANDMADE by the best PIXEL-ARTISTS in the universe – and limited to 500 Apes (First Shot). Every week we drop 20 exclusive NFT – and each AMAZING-APE is really one-of-a-kind that is 100% owned by you. It cannot be taken away, replicated or destroyed. Never. Ape honor.

As we are normally stuck in the consulting universe – and daily interrogated about the “future of blockchain technology” – we learned a lot and were obviously inspired by the Cryptopunks project – one of the earliest examples of a „Non-Fungible Token“ on Ethereum – which were the basic inspiration for the ERC-721 standard that powers most digital art and collectibles. And we were (also obviously) thrilled by the BAYC with it’s simple but compelling story and roadmap: Everybody that “aped” into NFT´s is rich and sustainably bored. So we decided to ape around together.


Buy your ape

Buy your ape


Each AMAZING APE costs exactly 0.1 ETH and is stored as ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain – as well as it´s hosted on the InterPlanetary File System.

Accessing the CLUB itself requires the at least a METAMASK-Wallet which can be downloaded and installed below.


With the ownership of an Amazing-Ape you get 100% of the associated IP. In a nutshell that means you can mint other NFT´s – based on your Amazing-Ape, create any kind of entertainment, pictures or even advertising featuring your ape. And this is what makes the whole idea really awesome – putting a share of the value of each individual NFT into your hands as the holder.

Enabling you to sharpen the famous personality of your AMAZING-APE and make the value rise. Giving you the ability to produce (for example) a dedicated fashion-line with your personal ape in the middle. By promoting the individual everybody promotes the whole. What is good for your ape is also good for a fast growing community.


Here are exciting tools that work as binoculars or microscopes.

Associated with the note: These were NOT developed by us but THIRD PARTIES. And allow us to say: The value is not measured by ether alone – but by the magic behind it.

The Team


Finds the Creative Business Solution. Soccer Addicted.


Budling the Castle.
Don’t mind the Rock.


Stretches Strategy. Spoiling the Perfume.


Get’s the data set.
Zero. One.


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What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. An NFT is simply data that is stored or accounted on a blockchain and represents something very specific. NFT´s can represent any type of digital files like a gif, a video or a piece of artwork.

What does minting mean?

Minting is simply the process of validating the necessary information to create a new block, and store that generated date on the blockchain.

How do I mint my Amazing Ape?

Very simple. Just make sure you are logged into the linked distributing platform, you have a wallet and you own the necessary funds – also enough to cover the so called “gas fees”.

What´s the worth of an NFT?

Well, the value of your / an NFT relies on the willingness and ability to pay for it. Some NFTs are “simply” artwork – while others come with exclusive benefits attached to them.

Can I transfer or sell my / an NFT?

Of course. NFT´s can be sold and transferred to any wallet that supports the connected / underlying blockchain.

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Coming soon

You’ll find us on Gallery Weekend Berlin from April 29th – May 1st. We are thrilled to meet you all in person – if Covid will allow us to.